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Carey Harwoods LLC

Kaida with Egg

Kaida with Egg

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Embark on a journey of fantasy with Kaida, the mesmerizing 3D-printed dragon sculpture, accompanied by her mystical egg. Designed with passion and precision by Layers in Green, this enchanting duo brings an air of magic and wonder to any space.

🐉Kaida, measuring 15 inches in length and 1.25 inches in width, boasts exquisite details from her graceful wings to her intricate scales. Designed to captivate the imagination, she stands as a testament to the artistry of 3D printing technology.

🥚But the magic doesn't stop there. Included with Kaida is her intricately crafted egg, a symbol of new beginnings and untold adventures. Together, they create a stunning centerpiece that will ignite the imagination of all who behold them.

✨Whether displayed in your home or gifted to a fellow fantasy enthusiast, Kaida and her Egg are sure to become cherished treasures for years to come.


  • Kaida Length: 15 inches
  • Kaida Width: 1.25 inches
  • Designed by Layers in Green
  • Includes beautifully crafted dragon egg
  • Perfect for collectors or fantasy enthusiasts

Experience the wonder of Kaida and her Egg today!

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"These products contain small joints, which allow them to move and may break if not handled with care. These toys are recommended for ages 6 and above as broken pieces could become a choking hazard. Please supervise children while playing with these toys to ensure their safety and prevent any choking hazards if a child is left unattended."

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